Look Good, Feel Good

Our hands and feet constitute an important part of our appearance and can influence our whole personality.

Solar Pink & White


Solar Nails are the best and most Natural-Looking Nails. At Fashion Nails, we promise that you will have the most beautiful and natural set of Solar Nails with long lasting quality without chipping or breaking.

Solar Pink & Color


Instead of the popular Pink & White Solar nails, you can try Pink & Color Solar nails and we have about 200 different color powders you can choose to suit your style and mood.

Solar Pearl Tips


Solar Pearl Tips are preferred by many for its soft look and feel and they will make your hands look sparkling beautiful like Pearls.



Soak your hands in this essential manicure that includes cleansing, shaping, cuticle reduction, followed by a therapeutic hands and arms massage.

Shellac Manicure


Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac! These revolutionary products apply like polish, wear flawlessly for 21 days of high gloss shine. You will feel like just stepped out of Fashion Nails everyday.



Dip your feet in our luxurious pedicure chairs, you'll enjoy the total work on your feet that includes cleansing, shaping, treating in-grown nails, callous treatment, cuticle work, followed by a therapeutic legs and feet massage then finishes with a color of your choice.

Shellac Pedicure


What Shellac can do for your hands, it can also does the same for your toes and better yet, it even lasts longer too.

Spa Manicure


Pamper yourself with a complete treatment of hands and nails. This includes the shaping of nails, trimming of cuticles, soft-touch massage, and Hot Paraffin Wax, then finishing with a polish of your choice.

Spa Pedicure


An ultimate indulgence for both men and women, young or old with invigorating foot and leg treatment that includes: cleansing and shaping of toe nails, treating in-grown nails, callous treatment, cuticle work, exfoliation of dry skin and elimination of dead skin with sugar scrub, double hot towels wrapped in soothing masking cream followed by a thorough one of a kind massage then finishing this very relaxing treatment with your choice of polish.

Deluxe Pedicure


This pedicure is the ultimate best Fashion Nails can offer by adding the therapeutic hot paraffin wax to the Spa Pedicure. Physicians have long known that hot paraffin therapy is a veritable way to speed healing and soothe muscle and joint pain. In fact, the healing qualities of paraffin wax therapy have been known for centuries. It will also help moisturizing your whole two feet for one week long.

Mani & Pedi Add-ons

French - $4.00
Nail Design - $3.00
Hot Paraffin Wax - $5.00
Hot Stones Massage - $7.00